1. daintly: in a gentle, careful way.
  2. pursuit: when someone tries to get or achieve something
  3. down payment: a payment that you make when you buy something that is only part of the full price (en español es «la entrada» o el primer pago)


2. We can infer that father and son are quite different.

3.  1.a     2.c    3.b     4.c    5.c


  1. James believes that the subjects he will study in college will be uninteresting.
  2. James’ father thinks college will be more motivating and challenging than high school
  3. James wants to buy a house and find a job.
  4. They agree that James has to go to college for four years before he decides what to do with his life.


  1. a writer that James likes
  2. using the money that was intended to pay for his studies
  3.  he has been to college
  4. are divorced.



  1. daintily;  2. confident;   3. stimulated;   4. substantial;    5. educated;    6. accomplished;


  1. loud and clear.     2. sick and tired.     3. rain or shine.       4. sink or swim.    5. back and forth.